Cinema & Visual Arts

سينما وفنون بصرية

Carine Doumit has collaborated as film editor, editing consultant and writer with filmmakers, visual artists and sound artists on various projects including feature documentaries, experimental fictions, film essays, videos and installations. 

كارين ضومط هي مونتيرة، مشرفة على المونتاج وكاتبة شاركت مع مخرجين وفنانين في صناعة مجموعة من المشاريع منها الأفلام الوثائقية، الأفلام الروائية التجريبية، الفيديوهات والتجهيزات السمعية البصرية.

أفلام | Filmography

Kingdom of Women – مملكة النساء by Dahna Abou Rahme (2010) | Gate #5 – الحوض الخامس by Simon El Habre (2012) | Guardians of Time Lost – أرق by Diala Kashmar (2013) | Diaries of a Flying Dog – يوميات كلب طائر by Bassem Fayyad (2014) | Haunted – مسكون by Liwaa Yazji (2014) | This Little Father Obsession – امبراطور النمسا by Salim Mrad (2015) | This Lightness I Have Lost it by Haig Aivazian (2015) | Geographies by Chaghig Arzoumanian (2015) – editing consultant | The Drift by Maeve Brannen (2016) | I Thought I Knew Where I Was Going by Mustapha Jundi (2016) | Birds of the Borderlands by Jordan Bryon (2017) | Room for a Man – غرفة رجل by Anthony Chidiac (2017) – editing consultant & narrator | The Way Home – طريق البيت by Wael Kadlo (2018) – editing consultant | Home of One’s Own – بيت تنين تلاتة by Ruba Atieh (2019) – editing consultant | one sea, 10 seas – عشر بحور وبحر واحد by Nour Ouayda (2019) | Errans – رحيل by Mira Adoumier (2020) | The Stove – وجاق by Jad Al Andari (2020) | Lettres à Huguette by Fouad Elkoury (2021) | Dreams of a Wandering Octopus – يوميات أخطبوط متشرد by Mira Adoumier (2021) | Shall I Compare you to a Summer Day? – بشتقلك ساعات by Mohammad Shawky Hassan (2022) | The Time While Waiting by Mohamed Hafeda (2022) | Landscape of a Planet by Floy Krouchi (2023) | The Secret Garden – الحديقة السرية by Nour Ouayda (2023) | Tadur – تدور  by Jad Al Andari (in post-production) | Faire le mur by Mohamed Zineddaine (in post-production) | Come Nightfall – أقبل الليل by Mira Adoumier (in development)

أفلام مختارة | Selected Filmography

Haunted | مسكون

editor | documentary | 2014 

After leaving Damascus in 2011, filmmaker, playwright and poetess Liwaa Yajzi asks questions about the meaning of home: What does it mean to leave one’s home in times of war? What do we take with us and what do we leave behind?  Do we haunt the houses we leave or are we haunted by them? Together we search for ways to weave the various voices of the film and form a constellation revealing the limbo in which the characters find themselves in.  

Transcriptions and notes from Haunted by Liwaa Yazji

This Little Father Obsession | امبراطور النمسا

editor | film essay | 2016

Filmmaker Salim Mrad comes to me with heterogeneous material made of home-videos, fictionalized and documentary-like scenes, excerpts from notebooks and books, from prayers and songs. We composed [together with producer and actress Carole Abboud and sound designer Lama Sawaya] a kaleidoscopic autobiographical queer film. 

Still from This Little Father Obsession by Salim Mrad

Room for a Man | غرفة رجل

editing consultant & narrator | documentary | 2017

The plot of the film goes like this: A young filmmaker sets about reconstructing his identity by renovating his bedroom. As the male construction workers come and go in the freshly embattled household he shares with his mother and pet dog, old arguments and unexpected passions are stirred. Filmmaker Anthony Chidiac invites me to work with him as a consultant editor, and later adopts my voice as the film’s androgenous and ageless narrator. 

Still from Room for a Man by Anthony Chidiac

one sea, 10 seas | عشرة بحور وبحر واحد

co-writer & editor | film essay | 2019

When Nour Ouayda shows me images of the sea she had recorded on the coast of Beirut for over four years with her   DV camera, the solitary act of filming transforms into a shared project. We venture into fiction and weave our own characters with that of sound recordist Tatiana El Dahdah: as C. describes the images shot by N., N. writes the story of T., a nomad in search of aquatic soundscapes around the world. 

Still from one sea, 10 seas by Nour Ouayda

Errans | رحيل

co-writer & editor | fiction | 2020

Filmmaker Mira Adoumier comes to me with documentary images of cities along the Lebanese shoreline and with an enigmatic premise: A woman arrives in Lebanon in search of a missing man, whom she met in Iceland a few years ago. As she searches for him through the accidented landscapes, between the shorelines and the cities, a siren’s song unequivocally draws her towards the south. Together, we draw the journey of this woman, intertwining her narrative with the images, creating fiction by composing the multilayered voices of the various anonymous figures she encounters. 

Still from Errans by Mira Adoumier


Dreams of a Wandering Octopus | أحلام أخطبوط متشرّد

co-writer, editor & narrator | three-channel video installation | 2021

My second collaboration with filmmaker Mira Adoumier is in the framework of the collective exhibition At the Edge of the Forest, a Garden by The Camelia Committee. Together we construct a three-channel installation from images shot in various forests in the Lebanese mountains and from multiple layers of sound recordings. We are inspired, among other things, by an unpublished text shared with us by filmmaker and film editor Mohamed A. Gawad. 

Still from Dreams of a Wandering Octopus by Mira Adoumier

? Shall I Compare you to a Summer Day | بشتقلك ساعات

editor | fiction | 2022 

When I first meet filmmaker Mohammad Shawky Hassan, he had already started creating the multiple layers of his musical tale of love with sound artist Kinda Hassan. We went on to collaborate with the sketch aritst and animator, the music composer and the type designer, building with fragments and details a contemporary take on the 1001 nights. 

Still from Shall I Compare You to a Summer Day? by Mohammad Shawky Hassan

Paysage d’une planète | Landscape of a Planet

editor | video | 2023 

Floy Krouchi has been working on a peculiar object containing memories of the past and future. She calls it Sonic Totem. From that object, she produced a sound piece and performance including a video entitled Landscape of a Planet, the story of the totem. Together, we give distincts forms to the 10 chapters which compose the film, using various heterogeneous elements including family photographs, personnel videos, television newsreel, microscope footage, and unearthly scenes shot in various landscapes. 

From the editing project of Paysage d’une planète by Floy Krouchi

The Secret Garden |  الحديقة السرّية

co-writer & editor | fiction | 2023 

The film marks my second collaboration with filmmaker Nour Ouayda and my second with sound artist Kinda Hassan. The film is the final iteration of the following premise: The inhabitants of a city awake one morning to find that never before seen trees, plants and flowers have erupted overnight in unforeseeable ways in the streets and the squares. Written as 8 chapters of a magical tale set in an unnamed city, the film follows Camelia and Nahla as they investigate the origins of the new and peculiar creatures. 

Still from The Secret Garden by Nour Ouayda

Come Nightfall | أقبل الليل

co-writer & editor | fiction | in development

This project marks my third collaboration with filmmaker Mira Adoumier. We write together a fiction about a specific night in Beirut which, unlike the others and due to a certain accumulation in the atmosphere, suddenly transforms: Time stands still or rather, the daybreak never comes. An eternal night which could only end if a change occurs in the order of the old world maintained by the ineluctable succession of days and nights. In the end, isn’t this the essence of a revolution? The film follows various characters as they wander around and cross paths in the nightscapes of Beirut. 

Still from Come Nightfall by Mira Adoumier