Stranger than Fiction

بدا الواقع مختلفاً

Stranger than Fiction (بدا الواقع مختلفاً) is a screening series programmed by Nour Ouayda on the ways observational images produce speculative fiction in times marked by major disruptions and transformations. Taking her own practice as a starting point, she calls on works by others that explore this same gesture across various times and territories. The first two iterations took place in Montreal and Beirut and included films by Panos Aprahamian, Miryam Charles, Lara Tabet, Giorgio Bassil, Cameron A. Granger and Nour Ouayda. 

«بدا الواقع مختلفاً» (Stranger than Fiction) هي سلسلة عروض أفلام، من تنسيق نور عويضة، حول الطرق التي تُنتج بها الصور الوثائقيّة خيالاً تخمينياً، في أزمنة تتسم باضطرابات وتحولات كبيرة. تتخذ نور عويضة من ممارستها السينمائيّة الخاصة نقطة انطلاق، تحاور من خلالها أعمالاً اخرى تستكشف طرق مماثلة لصنع متخيّل عبر أزمنة وأماكن مختلفة. أُقيمت أول نسختين من البرناج  في مونتريال وبيروت وتضمنتا أفلاماً لبانوس أبراهاميان وميريام شارل ولارا تابت وجيورجيو باسيل وكاميرون أ. غرانجر ونور عويضة.

Details about each program below. Contact Nour Ouayda at if interested in hosting an iteration of this series.

Still from Resilience Overflow (2023) by Lara Tabet


Program (55′)
Not All Things That Shine Are Beautiful (2022) by Nour Ouayda
Resilience Overflow (2023) by Lara Tabet
The Secret Garden (2023) by Nour Ouayda
Odorless Blue Flowers Awake Prematurely (2021) by Panos Aprahamian

Followed by a discussion between Nour Ouayda (Filmmaker & Film Programmer), Rami el Sabbagh (Filmmaker & Musician) and Yazan el-Saadi (Writer & Researcher) on science-fiction filmmaking and cinema’s ability to conjure ghosts.

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In the framework of the VISIONS screening series in collaboration with Hors Champ.

Program I (50′)
I was grateful the wind tore out my camera’s microphone (2020) by Nour Ouayda
Odorless Blue Flowers Awake Prematurely
(2021) by Panos Aprahamian
Towards the Sun (2019) by Nour Ouayda
Not All Things That Shine Are Beautiful
(2022) by Nour Ouayda
Archive of the Future (2023) by Giorgio Bassil

Program II (58′)
Every Morning (2022) by Nour Ouayda
Before I let Go
(2023) by Cameron A. Granger
Fly, Fly Sadness
(2015) by Miryam Charles
The Secret Garden
(2023) by Nour Ouayda

In the presence of the filmmaker and programmer of the series Nour Ouayda.

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